At the Maui Water Lily Farm, we have been dedicated on growing aquatic plants for many years. We are a sustainable and organic farm: our ponds are filled with rain water and filtered naturally by a unique eco-system. We don’t use any kind of chemicals in the growing process.

Below are the main flowers we grow – starting with our “trade mark”: the beautiful Water Lily.


Water Lily – “Nymphaeaceae”

Water lilies from tropical climates are the most enchanting of all water garden plants. Their flowers exude an almost intoxicating fragrance – it is no surprise that they are often used in creating perfumes.
The showy, fragrant, solitary flowers are borne at or above the water surface on long stalks that are attached to the underground stems. Each cuplike flower has a spiral arrangement of its numerous petals.
In the tropical climate of Hawaii, water lilies can bloom all year long – flowers last between 3 to 5 days and come in a range of different colors – at the Maui Water Lily Farm, we mostly have pink and blue flowers.

Blue Lily  Water Lily  Water Lily 3                        Tropical water lilies, Water lilies for sale, water lilies for ponds  Lily leafs  Pink Lily


Papyrus – “Cyperaceae – Cyperus papyrus

Papyrus was one of the most important plant in ancient civilized Egypt where it was used as paper. This tall, robust and leafless aquatic plant grow easily in moist and warm environment. This fast growing plant forms a grass-like clump of triangular green stems

Papyrus  Papyrus 2  Papyrus 3


Water Hyacinth – “Eichhornia crassipes”

Water Hyacinth is a floating aquatic plant known to expand quickly. With thick and glossy leaves, this plant blooms during spring and summer time offering beautiful purple/blue flowers. The free hanging roots of this plant are known to be excellent filters used for natural pools or pounds.

Water hyacinth 2  Water hyacinth  Water hyacinth


Water Snowflakes – “Menyanthaceae – Nymphoides”

Water Snowflake is very similar to the Water Lily expect that it is much smaller. It has 2-inch green floating leaves and from every leaf is blooming a small star-shaped white flower. Free-flowering, fast and hardy grower

Snowflakes 2  Snowflakes 3  Snowflakes


Water Mosaic plant – “Ludwegia sedioides”

Water Mosaic is a floating aquatic plant used for surface coverage and algea elimination. It has red and green diamond-shaped leaves in rosettes and during summer it blooms with small yellow flowers

Mosaic 2  Mosaic 3  Mosaic