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Located on the world famous « Road to Hana » in Haiku on the North Shore of the island, the Maui Water Lily Farm is a peaceful and quiet place where we grow water lilies and other aquatic plants in a unique surrounding.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean a mile down the road and Haleakala volcano on the other side, our 1.6 acre farm has four water ponds. Each of them is filled with rain water and filtered naturally by a unique eco-system: we are dedicated to growing our flowers the most sustainable and organic way.

The Maui Water Lily Farm has been a stand out in aquatic plants over the years on Maui – combining knowledge and experience in growing water lilies and other aquatic plants.

We are happy to welcome anyone looking for water plants or interested in our expertise. On your way to Hana, treat yourself with a freshly cut water lily bouquet and a visit of our farm!

Aloha & See you soon!